Makeup Brush

It is every woman’s wish to have glowing cheeks, flawless skin, and eye that pops and that are why she has lots of makeup brushes in her drawer. Makeup brushes play an essential role in makeup and if chosen correctly it can provide you good looking make that lasts long and at the same time makes you beautiful. Stunning makeup needs the best brushes more essentially than the products that you are using.

makeupEspecially for the beginners, it becomes hard while it comes to selecting the best brushes and therefore it is advisable to take your time before selecting the right makeup brushes that will work for you. Common makeup brushes include face brushes, eye brushes, and lip brushes, therefore, selecting the right one will give the best and exact application.

Here are some of the ways of choosing the right makeup brushes

  • For powder foundation, look for natural bristle brushes as they can pick up oil and pigments from the skin.
  •  For liquid foundation, select synthetic bristles and for eyeliner and concealer, look for small synthetic bristle brushes.
  • brushes Look for brush hairs and those made of sable, mink, and the squirrel is best to buy yet they are very expensive.
  • If you want to build your brush collection, buy those makeup brushes that are multi-taskers.
  • If do not have a lot of money to spend on brushes, you can have a look on brushes made up from goat, pony, and human hair.
  • Choose small and soft brush for applying eyeshadow and it’s suitable for both powder and cream eye shadow.
  • Choose the one that can last for a longer period and moreover weak bristle brushes gives imperfection application.
  • Your makeup brush should be durable and make sure to check the brushes tightly hold the base of the makeup brush.
  • Select a makeup brush according to what type of makeup application you frequently do whether it’s is light or heavy handed makeup.
  • Choose less densely packed and fluffy makeup brush if you do not like over applying of a blush.