• Things You Should Know About Women’s Handbags
    Things You Should Know About Women’s Handbags
    Types of women’s handbags
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    Choosing Makeup Brush
    Here are some of the ways of choosing the right makeup brushes
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    Things You Should Look For When Buying Shoes
    Pointer to buying the right shoes

lightening the bum

How to Choose the Right Anal Bleaching Solution

The anus is often a neglected part of the body. The passage of fecal matter makes it a conducive medium for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and proliferate. Although proper hygiene can help to keep it clean, the continuous friction between the butt cheeks can cause dark pigmentation. A lot of people have no problem with having a dark bum but celebs are. Also, people suffering from low self-esteem as a result of this require bleaching solutions.

However, the process of finding the right product to bleach your anus is not as easy as many people think. When you find the right products you can bleach your anus at home. You need to take several steps to choose the best for you. The following are the steps to follow:

Understand Yourself

You need to understand that anal bleaching started with adult content actors. Over the years, a lot of celebs have bleached their bums. What is your reason for getting a bum bleach? Are you going to feature in a photo where your bum will be visible and may attract the attention of viewers? If you going to keep it hidden most of the time, then there is no reason for bleaching it. Or you are just following the trend. Whatever your reason is if you choose to lighten it, ensure you get the right products.

Consult Your Doctor

anal bleachingMost doctors will not recommend anal bleaching because of dangers of anal perforations and strictures. For instance, if the process is done using unsterile materials, you can suffer from anal herpes or bacterial infection. No matter the implications, if you are not sure about having the bum bleached, you will be advised to seek professional guidance and undergo a supervising bleaching process.

If you are going to have it in the spa, you should ascertain its cleanliness and the competence of people who are going to perform the process. You should also allow your doctors to monitor your progress.

Anal Bleaching Solutions

bleached bumSeveral anal bleaching solutions contain a wide range of chemicals that are applied over your skin. Ensure you check the various ingredients they contain to check whether they have allergies. You should note that bleaching of the anus involves the upper layer of the skin. When it is done, it will expose the fine, inner layer. Therefore, you should check the ingredients of the products used to avoid irritation or even infection.

Velma Thigpen / 31/08/2018 / Beauty

hair extensions

Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the best and quick options for adding volume and length which you have been unable to achieve solely through your naturally growing hair. But before you invest in any extensions, ensure that you know the best factors that will help you to make the right decision.

Hair extensions are not the same, and due to this reason, you need to consider your needs and lifestyle before you choose one. If it is your first time purchasing a hair extension, the following tips will help you to make the right decision.

Consider Remy Human Hair

There are different types of hair extensions available in various beauty stores. As a weft extensionsbeginner, you might be overwhelmed with these options and later on feel so confused. But it is essential to understand that the best hair extensions are made with Remy human hair yaki clip-in hair extensions.

If you want to look natural, then you have this option of choosing Remy human hair because they are also durable. When purchasing, ensure that you are careful because there are many companies out there that produce non-Remy hair. Avoid choosing non-Remy hair because they tangle and shed quickly.

Hair Texture

When you are choosing the right hair extension that will suit your needs, one of the critical aspects you are asked to remember is your hair texture. You need to remember that each hair extension is suitable for various hair textures. But if you make a mistake of choosing a hair texture that does not match your hair, you will regret the results because your extension will not look as natural as you want.


Color is also another important factor you are required to consider when you are choosing the best hair extension. It is crucial to understand that a perfect color match means that your extension will blend with your natural hair and end up looking natural. Therefore, ensure that you select the best color based on the real texture and color of your natural hair.

Maintenance of Hair Extensions

Before you shop for your hair extensions, it is vital to understand that high-quality hair tape extensionextensions do not need additional maintenance to compare to the natural hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy, make sure that you brush it regularly and ensure that you use high-quality cleaning products.

When you are looking for the best hair extensions, it is essential to ensure that you check on the maintenance level. Also, after you have purchased your extension, make sure that you know how to maintain it.

Richard Isaacs / 30/08/2018 / Beauty

make up

Top Five Make Up Must Haves

Whether you are going to work or a night out you have your important makeup products that you love to wear. Sometimes its almost impossible to put on make up daily and you can have low confidence when you don’t use them. You have to wear your make up because you can’t live without it. Discussed below are the top five make up products that you must have to feel beautiful.


Without any doubt, the most important makeup product among ladies is the foundation. It’s true that cherish full coverage foundation because it prevents major breakouts. If you have pale skin, then you are aware that your flaws are more pronounced and thus full coverage foundation will be ideal for your case. If you have negligible imperfections or flawless skin you can try light coverage foundation. Make sure that you go for a foundation that will stay in place throughout the day.

Face Powder

Next, you should never miss face powder on your list. You can use face powder on its own or over the foundation. In most cases, ladies use face powder when they don’t have to apply lots of makeup. The primary function of face powder is set, smoothening and evening out the foundation. It can be used continuously throughout the day to help maintain coverage. For those who have oily skin, face powder will help get rid of the shininess. Read reviews from different sources online to discover the best face powder for your case.


It is important to include a little color to the face, and the perfect way do so is with a blush. When you apply foundation, you cant avoid applying blush. You require color to your chicks. Whether you have light or dark skin blush is a must have to color your face and change your make up game. If you wish to pick the perfect shade, you should check the bottom of your lip. Yes, you heard me right! If you have pale skin, then you should pick a lighter blush shade to avoid looking like a clown.

Eyebrow Pencil

Another makeup essential that you must have is the eyebrow pencil. Only those who have perfect eyebrows can sidestep using an eyebrow pencil. It is among the easiest makeup products to use. You must use it with lots of precision as well as accuracy to look beautiful. You can own several eyebrow pencils as long as they complement your skin tone.


For decades now lipstick has been worshipped by most lovers of makeup products. In fact, most women don’t feel complete without wearing lipstick. You can research more about the various types of lipstick to find the ideal one for your case. Ladies prefer wearing red lipstick during winter months and pink lipstick during summer months. Without any doubt, lipstick will complete your make up look.

There you have it-the top five make up products every lady needs to complete a simple day look. Feel free to research more about other makeup products you should include on your list.

Velma Thigpen / 17/05/2018 / Beauty


Things You Should Look For When Buying Shoes

Shoes are manufactured in different sizes, style, and shape. We also have shoes of different widths, some are wide, while others are narrow. Finding shoes for individuals with large sized legs, it is a bit difficult to get the right size of shoes. Even a large number of companies never manufacture large-sized shoes. It is for this reason that you must buy shoes worth the price, be comfortable and be able to accommodate the sweat.

Pointer to buying the right shoes

Shoe size

esdxcvxfcgvThis should be the very first thing to look at when buying shoes. It might seem simple, but very complex. When talking of sizes, some shoes might be large or small but for equal size. This is why you must never ignore. Some shoes tend to be small or large for similar sizes. It is always good to get the right size for your comfort. If a shoe is not of the right size, you will find it difficult to walk a long distance with them. Ensure that if fits you all round that is regarding width and length. The size you put on for sandals and open shoes might not be the same for a closed shoe.

Buy shoes that compliment your wardrobe

You should get a shoe that matches your wardrobe, for example, black shoes will always match any color. So, a black shoe is a must have. The idea is, get a sandal or a shoe that matches a large number of the clothes you have. If you can afford all types of color shoes, well and good. But again too much of them might not be good for the environment. If you got some which you do not wear, you could help others.

The shoe brand

drfcgsdfhvbSome companies with the aim of satisfying the customer while others do it for money. Always get shoe brands that seem to last longer. Also, make sure that the brand shoes are comfortable for your size. Quality is always key, so, choose a brand that considers quality in the manufacturing. A good company puts in mind all customers; they do not only choose a few. Different people have different reasons for buying a certain brand, but it all narrows down to affordability, purpose, and comfort. With the above points in mind, you will be able to choose a shoe that makes you smile all the way.

Richard Isaacs / 24/04/2016 / Shoes


Things You Should Know About Women’s Handbags

It’s a known fact that ladies love handbags. Nevertheless, not everyone understands and comprehends  the main points about bags such as where and when to use which ones. To use them correctly, it is important to know which one fits the type of place you’re going so as not to look odd. Handbags are among the most popular bags in the fashion front. Let’s look at some of the most common types you will see in the streets and the things you should know about women’s handbags.

Types of handbags

The shoulder strap bag

exc4drfghIt is intended to be a casual accessory to a woman’s outfit, and it’s worn with a variety of clothes, mainly casual. The bag itself will come in different sizes and styles, from the small type, which is often hung on the shoulder and is extremely adaptable, to a bigger sort, which can be used much the same way but is meant to create some style to the carrier. Including a leather handbag truly highlights your look.

The handbag

These kinds of bags include leather handbags. Supposed to be held by hand; that’s where they get their name from. Nevertheless, people didn’t like the idea of always needing to use one of their hands to carry them so rather; they hung them over their shoulder, so they started to be just like the shoulder strap versions.

The satchel

rdfcgdfvhbThis type has lengthy stripes, which go well with it as it may be used to hold lots of stuff. College students use it because it’s a casual yet still classy accessory and may be used for picnics also. It is ideal when you need to run tasks.

Hobo bags

It’s quite easy to identify a woman holding one of these on the street. They’re crescent-shaped and have a mid-sized strap. They can be used in a casual setting and go well with ‘boho’ garments – usually long skirts and pants – and so are created from the yielding material.

Clutch bags

erdcfgsdvhNow these are more formal and are mainly utilized during formal occasions when the woman dresses up for the occasion. Clutches are usually held by the hand should accentuate the dress wear and elegance of a woman.

Tote bags

These particular types tend to be bigger and also have much more room inside them when compared to the other ones, and are intended to be used for shopping and other pursuits in which you may end up carrying numerous things. They are ideal for food shopping and the like.

Richard Isaacs / 14/03/2016 / Handbags